Hudibia App Review

Hudibia App Review

I was in my office the other day when a pharmacist colleague called my attention to an article about a new app that is currently making waves in the healthcare industry(her words not mine). Being a lover of innovation myself and slightly infected with her excitement, I decided to google it up and found the website

Turns out this health app is purported to be the first of its kind in the Nigerian market and this fact piqued my curiosity to see exactly what it would offer that was different from what I could get from other health apps out there. A whole lot more as I found out, but I’m getting ahead of myself here, let me take it step by step so you can follow me on my discovery to what I choose to call ‘Innovative health care on the go’!

First, I downloaded the app which was pretty easy to do; all you need to do is go to your android play store or Apple IOS store and search for Hudibia. Next, I logged in and registered under the patient category and I didn’t have to pay anything to do that. The first feature that grabbed my attention about this Health app were the language options that allow for translation into any of the three Nigerian languages; Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.It also has French and Arabic language options which pretty much covers the language barrier aspect. Talk about accessibility!

So, what exactly is the Hudibia app used for? I will highlight the other features I found very innovative about this app and you’ll see for yourself in a moment what the rave is all about.

  • Hudibia (which is derived from an Igbo expression meaning ‘see your doctor’) is a mobile health app that allows patients to contact and have real time consultations on health issues, on mobile phones, with over 250 specialist doctors and pharmacists from different specialties all over the world.
  • You can also book face to face appointments to see doctors both within and outside Nigeria and can even get face to face consultations in your home or office
  • Paying your medical bills is a whole lot easier too when you use this smart health app because it allows you to pay health bills for your relatives in Nigeria from outside the country.
  • You can even book appointments on behalf of someone else. That was the first option I tried, to see if it would actually work and guess what? It did work! I was able to book an appointment with renowned cardiologist for my Dad in the village. Thanks Hudibia!
  • For pregnant women even better news. With the Hudibia app you can have ultrasound scans all through your pregnancy which saves you the headache of long queues in diagnostic centers

What makes Hudibia different from other health apps like Kangpe currently in the market? These other apps obviously have their benefits too but what stands the Hudibia app out is three key things, it allows you access to doctors anywhere in the world, you can listen to it in your own language and the consultations are real time through video or face to face.

I must point out though that the downside to using the Hudibia app is that if you are not connected to the internet you absolutely cannot access its features, but then, we can’t blame Hudibia for the poor internet we sometimes have in Nigeria can we?

So people what do you think? Is it a yes or a nay? For me it’s definitely a big thumbs up and I am recommending the Hudibia app to all my friends and family as soon as I’m done writing this.


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