Mabwe Careers

Mabwe Careers

The rapid growth of online social networking sites such as the likes ofLinkedIn and the rest has created new forms of online labor market intermediation that are gradually reconfiguring the hiring process in profound ways. The implications of these new technologies havebeen for job seekers navigating the labor market, or more broadly, for the careers and lives of workers.

Mabwe Career is a niche category of, a social networking website designed for use by people in professional occupations. Being geared for professional networking, it may be stricter on rules around how users should present their names and profiles. It is built on the simple yet powerful premise that business success is built on networks.

Target Audience and Demography

Mabwe is a private social network that wants to take on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but with focus on the African niche. It targets the African continent and anyone can be a member. The audience is predominantly African people in the Diaspora and the continental Africa and Its membership is free. Any individual or business aiming for the African continent can use the platform as a gateway to every country on the continent.

On the other hand,Mabwe Career is a social networking site designed specifically for the African business community. It seeks to bring to bring African youth together. The goal ofthe site is to allow registeredmembers to establish and document networks of people they know and trust. Thenetworking site is primarily a part of the community where users get to share information about jobs within the continent – seekers and employers.

Why Use Mabwe Career

Since Mabwe is a community for professionals and hire, it is a place for Africans to be for recognition and becoming more familiar in the eyes of other users. It’s a great approach to get more chances of meeting new people and building more contacts. It has also proven itself as a powerful tool when seeking employment opportunities.

Companies can make use of this platform for recruitment purposes. They sift through profiles of potential employee candidates and approach whoever that has the characteristics they are looking for.

With social networking continuously growing by the day andwith it being the only mainstream hub for professionals’and companies, Mabwe is expected to reach farther heights in the market.

Build yourself a good professional profile and be a part of this African community and increase your chances of landing a much better job position. Or make easy the recruitment process of your company by simply sifting through filtered profiles of potential candidates with desirable characteristics.

If you are into business yourself, have your brand exposed tomillions of users cut across Africa continent through Mabwe career. It’s not at all difficult to join the community and the benefits you can reap are just infinite.

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