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Mabwe Connect – Connecting Africans Faster and Easier

Gone are the days when Social networking was confined to the realms of platforms like Facebook and Twitter; these days, niche social networks are gradually taking over. This holds particularly true in Africa, where more and more social networks are emerging to cater for specific needs. One of such networks is Mabwe Connect.

This is an online platform was created with thefocus of keeping Africans connected fromaround the world, embracing our identity and one another. Mabwe Connect is a niche category of a African-based social network allows provides a platform for meeting new people; building social relations or networks with whom you share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.

The community facilitates discussions that contribute to the enrichment of African online discourse. Doesn’t it feel good to be an African?

The purpose of the site has been tocreate a culture of connecting people whoshare common experiences and not justlimiting them to people they know.

Target Audience and Demography

Mabwe Connect is a private social network that wants totake on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but with focus on the African niche. It targets the African continent and anyone can be a member. The audience is predominantly African people in theDiaspora and the continental Africa and Its membership is free. Any individual or business aiming for the African continent can use the platform as a gateway to every country on the continent.

This social network can be thought of as your little piece ofpersonal real estate on the internet where you get o customize your profile and make status updatesto communicate with your friends. You even getcurrent and personalized news of friends’ updates delivered to you via the news feed.

The Mabwe Connect is the platformif you want to Stay in the Know. If you have friends or family members that arevery active on Facebook, or if you like to followbreaking news stories online, then connecting withthose people and public pages is a great way tostay right on top of what’s happening as ithappens. Mabwe intends tobe constantly perfecting its news feed so that only the most relevant posts areshown to users based on what they like best andwhich people or pages they interact with the most.

More than a billion people have accounts on Facebook, but giantnetworks like that can actually make you miserable. Instead of quitting social entirely, look beyond the big players: A more specializedsmall network might be a better fit for you. This is where Mabwe comes in. Often, these niche optionsfill a specific need. Try a network that connects with your neighbors, puts you in touch with like-minded Africans.

Networks that focus on niche communities may havebetter luck, but for average users, the best option is probablyto pick a network that appeals to you, join up, and explore.

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