What Language Choose For Android App Development?

With the Advance user-friendly features, the usage of android mobiles is reaching the height from every corner of the world. Hence, users of android mobiles are increasing parallelly with the demands of its applications.

Note: According to the Journal of Accountancy, most users spent 2 hours and 55 minutes on mobile, where 90 Percent spent on applications rather than watching TV or engaging with any other media.

When it comes to android development, choosing a language is a big task rather than the platform. Therefore to help you select the correct language for the android app development, we have discussed various instances below. So let’s begin to explore the top programming languages used for development by newbies and experienced.

Now the smartphone has become an essential part of our life for every age. As per the analysis, users use their phone 86 times per day to check their Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp updates. But it is not limited to entertainment only. Also, it has expanded to get information, build connections too.

In this blog, we will cover what language you should choose for Android App Development. But before proceeding ahead, firstly, take a brief eye at the programming language.

What Does Android Operating System Mean?

Android OS is a Linux-based electronic mobile device operating system. This OS is utilized for various devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. It is modified open-source software that includes a GUI, a web browser, & end-user applications that can be downloaded. The Android OS was reinforced as Open Handset Alliance by a team of developers and software designers. Android is a free and open-source operating system that Google financed.

What Does Android App Development Mean?

The process of creating an application based on the Android operating system for mobile is known as Android app development. Firstly, you can use any programming language like Java, Kotlin, and C++ for developing an APP using Android SDK. Also, it can be created with the help of the software tool Android Studio. After that, it was later launched on the Google Play Store for user use. One must need the JVM-language code for developing the app in non-Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Method Used For Android Mobile App Development

Currently, there are two advanced techniques- Hybrid & Native, used for developing an Android Mobile App Development, which is explained below:

1: Hybrid App Development

With the help of these hybrid techniques, one can create a single application that can run on several OS, for instance- iOS, Android, and Windows. It means the fundamental idea & purpose of the AAP remain the same for different UI, platforms, & features. Hence, it is said that, ” hybrid techniques work on writing once run anywhere.”

2: Native App Development

Native app development is used to create an application for an identical operating system for specific mobile devices. It works only for Android or iOS, or Windows.

Android App Development Frameworks

A framework is a tool in the software that helps to build an identical application in a short time effortlessly. Or you can say, it is a key benefit available for the developers for developing. It is the structure that you can build software on, also rearrange the application advancement to fulfill the particular necessities of your business. Some examples are:

React Native;

In March 2005, Facebook launched React Native. It is an open-source framework that favors mobile application development. Nowadays, it is a famous cross-platform mobile application development framework among developers.


Google launched it to develop Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Fuchsia, Linux, Google, and web applications. Flutter allows cross-platform development.


It is the most popular multipurpose mobile app development framework. The SDK provides engineers with essential API libraries and developer tools to manufacture, test, and troubleshoot superb applications for the Android platform.


It is the most popular cross-stage advancement system inaugurated in 2012. Ionic is a free open-source system guaranteed by MIT. It allows designers to use advanced web innovations, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

What Does Programming Language Means

Basically, the programming language is a computer language, which the developers use to give the specific command written in any particular language ( C, C++, Java, Python) to the computer. This language is a combination of instructions that the programmers use to develop software programs, scripts, or other instructions for computers to execute a specific task.

These languages share some similarities, but still, they have their unique syntax. To become a developer, one should learn the language’s rules, syntax, & structure. After that, they can use them on source code in a text editor or IDE. Subsequently, the code change into machine language, which was later decoded by the computer.

If you plan to be an Android app developer, first, figure out which Android programming language you want to learn. And then proceed further to stay away from any confusion.

Various Options To Choose The Language For Android App Development


For Android App Development, you can select various languages. Earlier, Java used to be its official language, but now Kotlin replaced it. Apart from all, Java is the most popular language among all. Therefore, most of the APP for Android App Development builds on java. In fact, it gets maximum support from Google too. Above all, Jave possesses a gigantic online community, where you can get all the answers to your queries related to java. Besides, sometimes for newbies, it isn’t easy to learn at the beginning. As it carries tangled topics like constructors, concurrency, null pointer exceptions, checked exceptions, etc. Rest Android Software Development Kit(SDK) helps to enhance the complexity to a new level!. So, in a nutshell, Even after knowing the complexity, Java is one of the best programming languages used by various developers for Android App Development.


This is also a very popular programming language among all developers. JetBrains introduced it as a cross-platform language in the year 2016. Since 2019 Google reported, Kotlin has been the official language for Android App Development. Kotlin and Java are pretty similar and can use as a prominent alternative. It is equipped with various interference and designed to access with Java & runs on the JVM. Kotlin can dodge errors like null pointer exceptions and includes multiple libraries for Android.


C# is an open-source multi-paradigm language that can be used for Development using the Android Native Development Kit(NDK). If you wish to build a creative app with c++, it can be possible to implement parts of the app in C++ native code. It has a specific programming structure, for example declarative, imperative concepts, functional, generic, object-oriented, lexically scoped, component-oriented. C++ is identical to Java; and hence, it believes to be ideal for developing android mobile apps. C++ has a very clean & easy syntax to understand, so coding becomes extremely easy for the developers. C++ offers various tools as a quick help to customize an app with fewer efforts. With all these advantages, it is considered the most versatile programming language.


Even after Android doesn’t support native Python development. It is used for Android App Development using various tools. In this way, tools turn Python applications into packages that can run on Android devices. It offers numerous options, such as dynamic binding and typing, making it a fascinating language for Android app development.


Corona, known as a software development kit utilizes Lua to create Android apps. Besides, it has two operational modes named Corona Simulator & Corona Native. Developing an app with Corona Simulator need not require Lua. But for Corona Natives, Lua code and Android Studio project is a must. Comparing it with Java, lua is a little limited, simple, and easy to learn. Besides, you will get various tools and plugins that make the app development process for the developer easier.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Today also, many developers choose HTML, CSS, javascript for mobile app development. It used for web development only, but now it is used for both mobile and web using the Adobe PhoneGap framework powered by Apache Cordova. In the PhoneGap framework, you must have web development skills to build hybrid apps. While in the case of the Adobe PhoneGap framework used to perform the primary task in App Development. Except for JavaScript, it requires less programming. As a result, it requires hard work to even create a decent app. So, from my point of view, if you are not an expert, you should go to another language comparatively.


Online businesses are spreading worldwide, where an APP plays a crucial role for any business. Hence, choosing the correct programming language for an Android App Development needs more focus & effort for the growth of their businesses. But it is not as easy as it seems. Hopefully, the information mentioned above will help you choose the correct programming language for your business application.