Apps Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Apps Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Apps digital marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang can help you reach your target audience, irrespective of what your app is needed at the moment in the marketplace in Nigeria, or across Africa:  educating the target users, establishing the application’s brand in Nigeria, creating awareness, generating traffics, encouraging downloads, etc.

With over a decade experience in digital marketing in Nigeria, AdHang is an agency to talk to for apps digital marketing in Nigeria. Virtually every product/app/service under goes different stages: introduction, growth,maturity and decline.  A product or its category can be in a maturity stage in UK, decline stage in US, growth stage in India and introduction stage in Nigeria, therefore will be marketed different ways in these countries/regions.  For example, if AdHang team carries SWOT analysis and that  discovers that your app is still in the introduction stage in Nigeria; in this case a holistic online advertising which are four general advertising objectives have to be done: whether at once or a bit by bit – depending your app’s digital marketing budget.

Generally, there are four objectives of online advertising

1.            to inform: this involves awareness, educating the target audience about the product (in this case an app) and establishing the brand in the minds of the consumers/users.

2.            to persuade: this involves stimulating actions( purchase, download, sales, generating leads, etc.) and increasing demand.

3.            to remind: this encourages repeat usage, ensure people who are yet to use it do so, and reduce chances of people switching to other brand, etc.

4.            to reinforce: this reinforces the benefits, positive experience, etc.

Each of the objectives above requires different campaign strategies at different time, with different budget. AdHang team has different app digital marketing packages in Nigeria; the agency to help you get started always recommends the least budget, and then a client can choose to increase the spending or not.  With Advanced app digital marketing strategies and tactical approaches, all these will help your app establish as a brand; fend against competitors, accelerate the growth, and be achieving the goals – depending on what the KPIs are (profits, number of download, rate of enquiries, number of consultation, etc).

AdHang team has different stages to move your apps in Nigeria and dominate the market/industry and become popular in Nigeria. All Popular apps you see today pass through all these and more, e.g. Uber, Whatsapp, etc.

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