Fence Installers Digital Marketing in Africa

Fence Installers Digital Marketing in Africa

Most people in Africa will agree with us when we say that the continent is currently under attack.

It’s all over the news. Whether it’s robbery, kidnapping, murder or other forms of vandalism, it’s safe to assume that the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train.

As our law enforcement agencies in Africa stand incapacitated, our people have been left with little option other than to take matters into their own hands; especially when residential and business Real Estate and it’s contents are at stake.

This is where your efficient, durable, and expert workmanship comes in handy….

If protecting people’s homes and properties in Africa with industry-best fence and railing is your gig, you should pay attention to this article for the sake of your business…

Why you need to make the switch online NOW!

We know you make homes attractive and secure but you have one flaw…

Your online presence has been on ghost-mode…

This is not a normal thing in the 21st century

You provide privacy solutions which is necessary for the continued protection of innocent Africans but since you’re yet to take your rightful place online, your BIRTH-RIGHT has been stolen by amateurs and crooks

It’s infuriating but, we’re not here to lay blame…

Rather, it’s time we educate you on what you need to do to take your businesses out of the shadows and CORRECTLY take the rightful place on your seat with the aid of digital marketing

What you’ve been doing wrong

When we talk about digital marketing in Africa and all over the world, it’s a bit more than owning social media pages…

With pictures/videos that scream “COME AND PATRONISE US!!!”

If you did this in the past, it obviously didn’t work because you didn’t actually perform digital marketing…

You simply opened a store and tried to drag anyone walking on the streets to enter and buy from you.

While this might work for a few hustlers at Alaba international market, you need to think differently to make things work online…

To attract the customers you want in Africa (The high-paying customers),you must fulfil a certain criteria in their check list before they ask for your account details

It’s actually a short list…

  • First, you need to appear as an EXPERT
  • Lastly, you need other reputable people to AFFIRM that you’re an expert

The latter is the reason why a lot of people in Africa skip all other steps in digital marketing and rush to hire influencers to advertise for them.

It might get them a little exposure and an influx of customers but…

Such companies are just settling for the milk when they could own the WHOLE cow

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the same everywhere, even in Africa. it’s simply internet marketing and it comprises the following niches

  • Social media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

We know this seems like a lot but, let’s make it easy for you.

Take Digital marketing to be like a juicy piece of orange sold at a market in Africa and all the listed types are the pulpy sacs.

Each sac alone is nutritious but when combined together, you get the full value of an orange.

That being said, you mustn’t do all forms of digital marketing to gain more clients online but for each aspect chosen, you need a specific set of strategies to arrive at your desired goal.

When implemented with the RIGHT strategy, the first four makes you appear as a credible expert while the last two helps you get the much needed affirmation from other credible sources

By now, the first thing on your mind should be a well designed WEBSITE and carefully crafted social media presence.

P.S: A good website should possess the following qualities

  • It should be user friendly
  • It must possess relevant content that answers specific questions which potential customers might have
  • It should be optimised for different search engines (e.g google)

After going through all this, you might be overly excited, overwhelmed or a little of both.

You might want to try out some on your own. After all, almost everything is available online now for free (if you look hard enough) but, just as you wouldn’t advice homeowners to install chain-link or electric fences on their own, when your professional expertise is available, we’d advice that you leave the heavy lifting involved in Digital marketing to us (Adhang) the professional fencers of this market

As the current holders of the Business excellence award amongst other awards, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that currently, we do our work a little smarter than other digital marketing agencies in Africa

Maybe it’s fate that made you find us today or maybe well-oiled strategies (winks)

The fact remains that there is a problem that you currently solve that has the potential to save countless lives if more people knew about you

Let us point a GIANT  torch towards your direction…

Visit www.adhang.com to gain access to our expert services.