No matter how hard you try, it’s always a constant struggle to keep up with the latest trends in technology. As new technologies are being churned out, still newer ones are coming up to displace this barely old enough to be replaced technologies .Industries around the globe are constantly vying for recognition as the most up to date and tech savvy, and the world of digital marketing is not left out. The focus for digital marketing in 2019 will be in gaining useful customer insights using highly efficient technology and channeling the information towards better customer satisfaction and ultimately better ROI.

Here are the top technological trends to watch out for in the digital marketing and advertising industry come 2019.

Use of Marketing automation tools like chat box: This is a technology trend we already see in 2018 which is expected to be more widespread come 2019. Chat boxes are interactive features that enable website owners engage in real time conversations with consumers on their websites, answering consumer questions and gaining in-depth and highly relevant insights into consumer needs that could help to drive better brand positioning.

AI-driven solutions sites: The use of AI to determine which sections and products on a website customers naturally gravitate towards and collating this information to enable better brand focus, is a trend that will be more widespread come next year. This information will allow businesses to send better email campaigns that speak to the customer’s needs, based on purchase history.


AR and VR: The World of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is set to overtake the digital marketing scene by 2019. Consumers will be able to immerse themselves totally in virtual shopping experiences that are similar to real life experiences and do this from the comfort of their homes .Such virtual realities will even afford customers the experience of trying out different brands of the same product to determine which best suits their needs. Imagine being able to try on different sizes and colors of a dress or pair of shoes and placing an order without stepping out of your own home!

Social media marketing : social media marketing will take on a more multifocal approach with digital marketing firms targeting different social media platforms with their campaigns rather than just Facebook or Google+.

Video marketing using Netflix and other live video streaming platforms will be at the core of advertising and marketing for digital marketing firms and content creators and this is driven by the current consumer trends towards video ads.

Voice search: With the advent of voice automated artificial intelligence like Siri and Ok Google , customers engagement and satisfaction has been taken to a whole new level.In fact, it’s been predicted that by year 2030 , more than 30% of interactions on mobile devices will be by voice command and not touch.Consumers will be able to order their purchases conveniently even while engaged in other tasks simply by speaking out loud to their mobile devices.

Despite all these predictions in the evolution of digital marketing technologies, two things will remain constant :

Quality content will still be the major determinant of the effectiveness of brand campaigns, and the best kind of advertisement for any brand will still be user recommendations /influencer marketing.


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