Yeah, we’re singing this today in almost every industry about the biggest revolution in human history!

I remember back in secondary school when we used to write letters

Or that funny exam in Js3 where we used a typewriter to type articles as fast as possible

Fast forward years later…

Who still handwrites letters or even owns a typewriter? (lol)

We’ve got the email now and the internet’s full of unimaginable possibilities

I wonder how far tech geniuses are willing to take this

Soon, hiring human labor will be unnecessary (no jokes)

Even in the clearing and forwarding industry

Except maybe for menial jobs like inspection

Point is, everything can be automated even in here in Nigeria where we’re a bit slow with progress

The Clearing and forwarding agents make jobs easier for people to move their goods without the nerve-wracking hassle of handling customs and their procedures

In the past, you had to physically meet an agent to help with proceedings

This had a lot of risks including the common scam where fakes pose as “agents” and rob you of your goods

Sometimes you’re robbed of something more valuable than goods…like your life

But today, with the help of the internet, you can stay anywhere in the world and have a legit agent at your beck and call

Cool and easy huh? (no need to stress)

Just some clicky-clacks on your device and you’re all set

And with algorithms incorporated in databases today, you get exactly what you paid for

Gone are the days when files and excessive paperwork could get you in trouble

With today’s tech, efficiency is assured leading to safe delivery and customer satisfaction

Trust me, quality andcustomer satisfaction are at the top of the to-do list of every genuine agency

And the more satisfied a company’s clients are the more the company profits leaving room for growth and expansion

This applies to all businesses not just clearing and forwarding

So, moving on, with technology today the clearing and forwarding industry can now enjoy a few perks;

  • Goods can be traced and redirected in case of loss or misplacement
  • Guaranteed access to storage facilities anywhere in the world
  • Urgent deliveries can be made in record time
  • Accurate Documentation is assured

To stand out in this business or at least compete for clients, you must be up to date in trends of the industry

You can’t carry an abacus to a supercomputer lab

Traditional Clearing practices are going out of style, boys are not smiling again

Everyone’s hungry and to eat, you have to be current with the trends

I’ll leave you with that

But before I forget, here’s a little gift…

There are a lot clearing and forwarding of companies out there, but I highly recommend VAGMON E-GRUP AND LOGISTICS LTD

Here’s the link to their site

You’ll find their services satisfactory, 7days a week, 365 days a year and unlike other brokers, their clients have access to everything online!



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