How to Get A Successful Betting Company

Seun and Femi are both neighbours who like to make a little extra money on weekends by betting on soccer games. While Seun happily enjoys his game and is relaxed even when the match isn’t going his way, poor Femi can’t watch the games in peace because he’s a nervous wreck. Only yesterday and he broke his TV at home in frustration. One game had cut his ticket.

“Why are you so chillaxed?”

Femi always asks Seun who smiles and tells him what he’d always told him:

“It’s the Betting Company I bet with.”

“Guy, please help me. See I’m broke, tell me your secret.” Femi continues to plead.

They have this conversation every weekend. It bemuses Seun that Femi never listens.

Betting Company

A successful Betting Company can impact the quality of your betting success. This statement although simple and profound appears a secret hidden in plain sight to most bettors. The following factors which depend on the Betting Company you select can affect your earnings:

The bookmaker

The cashback and bet insulation

Bonuses and promotions

The bookmaker

Femi always complains that the odds he sees on sale are so unrealistic.

Ever heard the phrase: “the bookies always win”? It means that in the end, the odds aren’t set up for you to win. And that is the truth with most online Betting sites. They sell short odds that are not reflective of the game at hand but on how they want you to play. With shorter odds, you are being paid less whenever you cash out and when you do lose, which is inevitable from all the odd doctoring, you lose big.

To be a successful bettor, you must find a Betting company with bookmakers that let you win. Happily some few do exist. At least we know of . They offer sure odds and in the end, they set you up to win.

The cashback and insulation

Having no heart for the heartache that comes from live matches and with little success in them, Femi went into the betting realm of casino and virtual games. But he wasn’t very good at the games. Still he played. Sure enough, he lost more times than he ever won.

  A good betting company will educate you on the games before letting you wager real cash on it. For example gives you the opportunity to play and try out which game is okay for you before letting you put in cash.

 Another thing is the cashback offer.  Seun gets up to 50% cash back on his bets both on life games and on casino or virtual games. Using the promotions available to new and existing customers at  The result?

 Even when Seun is losing, he knows his liability is shared. He gets something out. With insurance against one game cutting his ticket, Seun’s TV is safe from moments of mad rage unlike Femi.

 With such promotions on offer, it’s as if his bets are insured, insulated from a crashing total loss.

Bonuses and promotions

“I’ve won the jackpot!” Femi screamed one Monday night. He had played N7000.

If Femi had chosen a better sports betting Company like Seun’s, he would have been eligible for the 100% deposit bonus and enjoy a jackpot winning of twice the N7k. Too bad he has to settle for less, even when he was winning.

After his betting company delayed his pay-out and had him collect his jackpot in bits and drags for days because of pay-out limits, Femi had reached his tipping point.

“Please, how can I join your Betting company and enjoy a more successful betting experience?”

“Now you’re talking.” Seun replied.

“Fortunately registering for is easy.”

Join a successful Betting Company and enjoy success in your betting.


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