How to register on Irokobet, predict bets and win big!

If you would love to make real money online, We have got great news for you.

Irokobet is amongst the leading online betting sites and casinos in Nigeria. The site offers a great expanse of diverse sports and games to bet on.

Irokobet online bookmarker provides players with opportunities to play legal bets on football, basketball, hockey and several other kinds of sports. The company offers profitable bonus programs, payments and deposits, customer services with a great betting experience.

To stand a chance to win money online on, you have to become a member of Irokobet. All you need to do is to register for a free Irokobet account.

How to Register on Irokobet

For bettors that explore the Irokobet webpage for the first time, it is compulsory you register for an account in order to benefit from all the available games and mind-blowing bonuses and promotions they offer.

A green button is found at the top right corner of the website. Click on it to begin the registration process.

In order to fill the registration form, you will need to input some personal details such as your first name and last name, email address, date of birth and phone number.

Also, you are required to create a password and username. Then, you will have to confirm your password. Good news is Nigerian players can play in Naira.

After completing the registration, you can now check out what Irokobet online betting site has to offer. To get started, click the button on the top part of this page and you will be redirected directly to the Irokobet registration page.

If you already have an account with Irokobet, you will be directed to the Irokobet login page by the above-mentioned button.

How to Play and Win big on Irokobet?

Below are the following ways to play and hit real big on Irokobet.

Step 1:Log on to

This is the page you will gain access to all the variety of games and betting markets available to.

place bets and make money .

Step 2: Choose your game

Here, you get to see a wide range of betting options, from sports like tennis, baseball, football, etc. including some casino features such as live casino games and tournaments.

If you decide to select “Football”, you will be directed to a page that has several countries listed. The country you are to select depends on the league you like to bet on.

Paraventure, you wish to place bets on La liga , all you need is to click on “Spain” and then select “La liga”.

Then you will see a list of Laliga games available to place bets on. The default betting markets(home win, away win and draw), the betting code, including the number of betting markets that you can choose from.

For instance, If you select “Goals Market”, you will get betting options /markets that focus on goals, like “Total Goals”, Race to 2 Goals” {i.e who will be first to score the 2 goals). Half of the 1st Goal” “Who scores the 2nd Goal” etc.

Moreover, you will  discover that each market possess a specific decimal number imprinted underneath it; they are also referred to as “odds”

Take for instance, If  Valencia  has 3:00, and Barcelona has 2.60, it implies that Valencia  stands a greater chance of winning the game. And so the payouts on Valencia winning will be lesser than the payouts if Barcelona wins the match.

Step 3: Put in your stake and place your bets

Once you are through with selecting your games, then click on your bet slip.

Take Home

There you have it! Become a member today on and get a chance of winning a fortune.

Play your favourite online casino games at today and get a chance of winning a fortune.


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