Everything you need to know about Live Betting at Irokobet

Everything you need to know about Live Betting at Irokobet

Irokobet is one of the few online sports service providers in Nigeria and across the globe that offers the live betting options on their platform for players.

Irokobet live betting allows you to place wagers on games in real-time both before and after a match has commenced.

Besides, its live betting section comes with a simple layout and user-friendly interface which is easy to use and navigate.

This means anyone will be able to place a bet on Irokobet without having to be an experienced player in order to use Irokobet’s live betting function, which is of course a big plus!

Many punters who have more interest in placing bets on live games are provided with the opportunity to stream these games. Amazing right?

With the live streaming feature on Irokobet, bettors get to have an understanding of the conditions of the games, and make an informed decision and predictions.

Popular live betting  sports on Irokobet

On Irokobet platform, live betting and streaming are not limited to only football. Among the few major games available for live betting and streaming include Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Beach Volley, Table Tennis.

Punters can explore their options with this feature on the site, and through it, punters get closer to winnings than ever before.

How do I fund my Bet Account?

Irokobe allows you to fund your bet account with a wide range of options including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and even bitcoin.

How fast is Irokobet Payouts?

Irokobet cashouts are up to €200 (N100,000) without needing any form of verification, which makes the whole process faster.

In addition to that, making withdrawals on Irokobet is easy and straightforward, unlike several other online bookmarkers that request verification before cashouts can be received.

After a withdrawal request is successfully made, bettors get to receive their payouts within minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

Irokobet Unmatched Customer Service

Irokobet provides 24/7 live chat, email support, direct phone call to customer support from all over the world. Thus, enables you to bet seamlessly on the go.

Does Irokobet offer Promotions and bonuses?

Players are provided with supremely rewarding promotions and bonuses on a regular basis.

What is the maximum winning on Irokobet?

The maximum daily winning available to punters is N10 million for punters who have reached the final level of the Irokobet VIP.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on the Irokobet online bookie is N500.

Live Betting tips to boost your payroll

Here are 4 live betting tips to help you get started.

  1. Always do your own homework before placing any bet online. Conducting your own research gives you a clear picture and keeps your head in the game.

2.Never place may in-play (live)bets at the same time. In order to win, always focus on one or two live bets and wait for the right moment to wager.

If you have several live bets at your finger tip, you lose the right momentum. Betting is a matter or luck not capability- Always bear that in mind.

3. Always watch the march you’re interested in before placing your bet.

Don’t just depend on the “Match Live” statistics with all those “Dangerous Attacks” and “Off Targets Shots”  that may give you a totally wrong picture.

The best scenario is to pick online bookmakers with lots of live streaming sports events and focus on them only.

4. Lastly, whatever live betting technique you decide to follow, don’t forget the basic rule: NEVER place bets to recover losses.

Live betting is the most tempting way to “recover” after a loss bet, but if you adhere tk this, be ready to increase your losses.

In-play betting requires a lot of preparation, focus and patience.


There we have it! Live (In-play) betting, the amazing way to try your luck at betting. Remember that the key to increasing your chances of winning lies in how much research you do and knowledge you have regarding the spotts you are wagering on.

Visit www.Irokobet.com today, for a mind-blowing live betting experience. It’s really a pleasure to play there!


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