Why You Should Consider Choosing a Digital Freight Company

Why You Should Consider Choosing a Digital Freight Company

Times are changing very fast. With the advent of new technologies almost on a daily basis, businesses and industries are transforming with them. Likewise the freight forward industry.

In recent times, there has been a tremendous increase of digital freight forwarders. The cause of the digital rush is as a result of two major issues that have long plagued the freight forwarding industry– lackluster customer experience and lengthy manual process.

Several new players including the traditional freight forwarders have entered the digital fray to improve both customer experience and operational inefficiency.

The digitalisation of processes from booking to documentation handling can bring substantial benefits to customers and logistics providers.

If you own or work in a business that delivers to clients, this post is for you. Here, you learn several good reasons why you should consider using a digital freight service. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Freight Forwarder

1.Improved Customer Experience

Would you want to wait one week for a quote if you could get it somewhere else almost immediately? Vagmon e-Group & Logistics Limited provides customers with the best quote and effortless shipping service.

Through their instant freight quote engine, they allow customers to book a shipment instantly on their website with 100% transparency.

2.Shipment Tracking

Digital freight forwarders have automated trackers to keep their customers updated about their shipping orders in real time.

Vagmon e-Group & Logistics provides a better visibility to enable you to manage and track your freight services to Nigeria or any other place.

3.  Seamless End to End Documentation

Vagmon e-Group & Logistics offers options to collect and share all documents needed in every freight within their server cloud.

Thus, making it easy for everyone to have quick access to them when needed and to have it all organised in a secure place without having to send emails with attachments back and forth.  That’s cool isn’t it?

4. Contact

Digital freight forwarders have incorporated digital tools to their website to enable them interact with their customers seamlessly without interruptions.

For instance, most of them have online chats and contact information visible at their website as well as a vibrant social media presence to help customers respond to their queries when making purchasing decisions.

At Vagmon e-Group & Logistics, you are guaranteed of quality communication flow within a short-time frame.


Clearly, digital freight forwarders are by far the safest and the best option you can choose from.

If you are searching for the most prominent, reliable and convenient freight company in Nigeria, contact Vagmon e-Group & Logistics.

They offer a wide range of logistics services while providing customers with seamless user experience of shipping goods from one point to another.


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