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Sports Betting 101: How to Predict Correct Scores in Football

As interesting as online sports betting by guesswork sounds, you can’t throw away how helpful it is to be able to actually predict based on reliable facts. On a normal day, in football, you are required to predict the outcome of matches from your premonitions. 

Will the home or away side win? Could it even finish as a draw? Goalless draw, or with some goals on both sides? Anything could happen. So, how do you get that informed, fact-based prediction?

And there’s actually a correct score in football as a stand-alone betting option.  This goes a step beyond just predicting the winner, to predicting the actual figures on the scoreboard at full time. It’s usually a bet of choice for some pundits who prefer the greater reward that comes with this huge risk. And when you choose, this just gets better.

Think of Who Will Win

Predicting correct scores isn’t easy but, if you get it right, the benefits are huge. It starts from deciding who exactly you think will win the match. If you can narrow that down, it reduces the possible outcomes significantly. One thing that can help here is to check tables, and see how each team has been performing lately, against teams at different scales. 

Plus that, you can also check out the various odds which will tell you who the bookmakers are rooting for.

Once you’ve decided on an outcome, such as the home team winning, the next step is the actual scores. 

Who Scores Better?

Start with this question: how good is this team at the goal? Do they have a firewall as their defence players? That gives you an idea of what to expect. 

Let’s place, for example, Premier League champions, Premier League, had to play against 19th-placed Watford. It’s easy to predict a landslide win for Liverpool. 

From their 2019/2020 league record, Liverpool netted 85 goals across 38 league games, which is like 2.2 goals at every match. That’s against the 33 goals they conceded – less than a goal all-season. On the other hand, Watford’s 36 goals all through the season wasn’t even up to 1 per game.

Apparently, Liverpool would score, and score high. If you also consider Liverpool’s defence, they are strong, and would be complex to penetrate for Watford. So, you might want to start thinking of correct scores like 2-0, 3-0 and 4-0 to Liverpool. 

It’s okay to have some reservations, and probably give a 1 to Watford in all of this, especially if you’re predicting high scores for Liverpool. See as Norwicth, which was at the bottom of the table last season, forced a concession on Liverpool earlier in the 2020/2021 season. 

So, this is the starting point of your correct score predictions. Get into each team’s statistics as extensively as you want. Think of home and away form, goal margins and so on into your maths. And great enough, you can get all of this data online. 

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