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Losing Money at the Casino? Here’s how not to

In every gaming effort, it is expected to win some and lose some. Unfortunately, there are those who most of their casino trips fall in the latter category.  It is generally believed that the more you play casino, the greater you chances of winning. However, there are some whose cases defy this belief. In this article, I am going to show you some reasons why you will keep losing money at the casino and how to find your way around it.

Create a bankroll

This may not be the most fun, but it is surely a very important part of gambling. If you must avoid losses, this is your first step to take. This helps you to effectively manage your money and the minimums you’ll set on your various bets. This pool of money you set aside for your gambling should be such that losing it won’t break you. See it as an initial investment towards a course. Keep track of it from time to time.

Take breaks in-between

Whether you are on the winning or losing side, it is important that at every single game end, you step away from the table or your screen (as the case maybe). This helps you to recalibrate and ease any and every of anxiety which could becloud your judgment. This can be difficult for those winning, but is important. You don’t want your luck to turn in the opposite direction just because our head was not clear enough to initiate appropriate and right moves.

Avoid picking the wrong games

Your choice of games significantly impacts on your chance of winning in a casino. Except you have taken the time to develop an expertise on a particular game, there are games you want to entirely avoid. A perfect example of such game is slot machines. There’s no doubt that they are addicting and fun, with great potential to having a big occasional win, but this is nothing compared to the risk. Remember you’re supposed to be on a budget? It would be difficult to fit this kind of game into it. This is not to discourage you from playing these games, but mindful of how much time and effort you put into.

Don’t be a victim of the Gambler’s Fallacy

This is more likely to apply to roulette games, but cuts across other casino games. I have always considered this belief erroneous. This fallacy suggests that the probability of a future event is inversely proportional to its occurrence in the past. This is such that if an event has been going “sideways” for a number of times, there’s likely going to be a change in outcome. In the case of the roulette game, if the ball in a row lands on red say 5 times, the next couple of spins should be black. This is not always the case, so you should avoid it.

Don’t drink too much

This especially applies to those playing on land casino, more than online. For some, a casino is a place you go to have some fun time and not win money as you and I see it. With this, the environment encourages drinking, and if you’re not self-controlled, you could overdo it. The effect of alcohol if not minimized is such that your decision making gradually loses quality. You probably begin to take unnecessary risks. It’s either you want to have fun or you want to make money – doing the two can be close to impossible. You should avoid going down that road.


Your choice of site too can impact your success rate at casino games. I chose not to include this on the above list, but it is sometimes the case. You want a platform that is designed to help you enjoy your game and in the end win. One of such online casino sites is

No matter how long you’ve been losing, it is never too late for the tables to be turned in your favor. Just take note of the about points I have listed; give attention to them and watch your game gradually improve.


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