The Effects Of Technology On Clearing And Forwarding

The Effects Of Technology On Clearing And Forwarding

Just as many other industries have felt the positive impacts of technology in their daily operations, so it does affect the operations of clearing and forwarding processes in the Nigerian ports. Due to the gradual growth of the economy, the use of ports has increased considerably and this has directly affected the volume of goods being deposited at the ports.

This gradual increase in the volume of goods has resulted in the congestion of the ports over time. This situation makes the process of clearing and forwarding tedious and time-consuming. Although with the help of clearing and forwarding agents and companies in Nigeria such as Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd, you can have your goods cleared from the ports.  Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is a leading clearing and forwarding company in Nigeria with offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

The Effects Of Technology On Clearing And Forwarding

The impact and effects of technology on clearing and forwarding in Nigeria will be pointed out and analyzed in this article.

  • Cost Reduction

The introduction of technology in the clearing and forwarding industry in Nigeria is helping in cutting costs for logistic managers. The use of technology provides tools for data analysis that will help in decision making by converting data into intelligence. The data provided through technology provides a means to cut costs by helping find feasible ways to execute clearing and forwarding operations in Nigeria.

Also, study shows that poor information and data systems management is detrimental to the performance of the supply chain leading to increased costs.

  • Reduction in delivery time

Before the use of technology on clearing and forwarding in Nigeria, it is not news that getting goods to the final consumers from ports usually take more time than it should. This is also as a result of congestion of ports and the time taken to sort out different goods for the allocated recipient.

The use of information and data systems with the use of tracking has to a large extent alleviate time wasting most especially during sorting. Study also shows that there is a close link between information systems and service delivery time because it allows for clearing and processing and any other verification to be done on time.

  • Increase in Trade Volume

Higher trade volumes are expected sincethe clearing and forwarding processes of many of the goods already in ports will be done on time. Large volumes of data and information are processed in reduced time with the use of technological applications.

The efficiencyof clearing and forwarding in Nigeria depends on how well the information technology are handled by the management of the ports.Better handling and use of technology will definitely lead to increase in the volume of trade.

  • Better Problem Detection and Analysis

Technological tools easily detect issues in not only clearing and forwarding processes but also in other data related sections of operations of the company. Through information systems, problems are detected by tracking and continuous data evaluation. Once problemsarise, it is analyzed and probable solutions are easily considered.

  • Better Organizational efficiency

Since technology through data processing and information systems impact positively on the supply chain performance, putting them to use easily boosts the output and operational performance of the Organization.

It is revealed that use of technology contribute to the better operations of the organization like transactions, clearing and forwarding, tracking and monitoring.


This article has given information on the tremendous importance and solutions that technology offers to clearing and forwarding in Nigeria. The quality of service is obviously better when we compare it to clearing and forwarding without it.

So it is important for organizations involved in clearing and forwarding in Nigeria to adapt to these technological trends in order to have the advantages in this article.


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