Clearing and forwarding charges in Nigeria

Clearing and Forwarding Charges in Nigeria

If you are an importer of goods from other countries, or you are looking to import goods from other countries to Nigeria, you undoubtedly have some questions about the amount it costs to get your goods past the customs office in Nigeria.

That is the reason for this article.

What is clearing and forwarding?

Clearing and forwarding is a service that deals with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) involved in importing or exporting products from one country to another on behalf of an importer or exporter.

Clearing and forwarding imply that any items you bring into the country must pass through customs. And when this happens, you will have to pay a certain amount to get your goods.

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Who is a clearing and forwarding agent?

A clearing and forwarding agent is a qualified person or company who files customs declarations on behalf of importers and exporters. They are responsible for ensuring that all requirements placed on their dealers are met. The clearing agent is responsible for the following tasks:

  • They make it easier for customs to declare items entering and leaving the country.
  • They pay duty on the importer’s behalf.
  • Right products declaration, i.e. use of the correct harmonized tariff codes to describe items.
  • Use of proper customs forms and paperwork.
  • Using the right formulas and computations to calculate customs values.

What are the clearing and forwarding charges in Nigeria?

Firstly, make sure you avoid costly mistakes as your goods can be held up at customs before eventually getting them. For example, some importers ship without consultation and will have to spend more money later. So always seek advice from a clearing and forwarding agent in Nigeria from the start.

Clearing and forwarding charges are different for different countries. And in Nigeria, the prices for clearing and forwarding depend on the clearing and forwarding agent, the goods, and the country from which you are importing your goods.

Although you will get a competitive price from clearing and forwarding agents in Nigeria, you should look for an agent who has your best interest at heart and has a track record of consistently delivering for their clients.

But when it comes to customs, there are certain clearance charges you will have to pay.

Here are some of the cost categories you may be faced with then importing goods into Nigeria:

  • Certification costs: Before you clear your goods, you will have to process SON product certificate and a SONCAP certificate.
  • The clearing and forwarding agent’s fee: This is basically the amount you pay to the clearing and forwarding company in charge of getting your goods from customs.
  • Shipping company fee: The amount you pay to local offices of international companies before they release your goods.
  • Terminal handling fee: This involves additional storage at terminals
  • Post-inspection charges: This is the payment you make for government regulatory agents to inspect your imported goods.
  • Government duty: This is the amount you pay to the government for importing your goods.

Some other more specific charges you may incur includes:

  • Form M/PAAR processing – Some clearing and forwarding agents in Nigeria may provide this free of charge but you will have to pay around N6000 to the bank as commission.
  • Customs clearance – N60,000
  • SONCAP Inspection Charges – to be advised and per bill on invoice
  • Quarantine/Fumigation – N10,000


These are the clearing and forwarding charges in Nigeria and they will differ depending on the amount, size, and type of goods you are importing into Nigeria.

Before you import anything into Nigeria, do your due diligence by getting advice from a clearing and forwarding agent in Nigeria to make the journey smoother.