Buy & Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Shift is Nigeria’s #1 go-to place for bitcoin trading. It’s a leading peer-to-peer trading platform, enabling crypto traders to exchange bitcoin in an open market, without censoring, or financial regulators.

No gainsaying it, if you desire a reliable and long-term store of value, crypto currency provides just that, especially bitcoin. Bitcoin’s limited supply puts it ahead of fiat money, in Naira, or any currency.

Buy Directly with Naira

Shift’s easy-to-use platform makes it easy for anyone to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, using naira. Users can set-up an account, and place buy orders, with no hassles about what currency is  acceptable or not.

Trade Securely

Your bank account information, bitcoin tokens, and transaction data happen under a fully encrypted environment. Shift is developed on some of the world’s leading security architecture to keep your bitcoin, and the entire trading process safe.

Trade with Peers, Anywhere in the World

Shift is a product of Interakt, a blockchain technology company leading innovations across East Asia, Middle East and Nigeria. You will be joining millions of other traders who exchange bitcoin on Shift from different corners of the world. That goes without you having to go through any currency conversion process.

Trading on Shift Market

  • Your Bitcoin, or Your Money in Minutes

Shift is bringing a whole new approach to how Nigerians experience bitcoin trading. With transactions being completed within minutes, you can have your bitcoin without delays whenever you buy, and have your money almost immediately when selling.

  • Lowest Rates

Traders on Shift only part with 0.20% of trade value, which is much less than what’s obtainable on other bitcoin exchangers. 

  • Built with Nigerians in Mind

From simple payment methods, to the local currency feature that enables traders to use Naira, and a world-class trade verification system, Shift is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform built with Nigerians in mind – supporting the buying and selling process end-to-end.

Get Started in Four Simple Steps

  • Sign Up

Setting up an account on Shift is both simple and direct. Nigerians with any form of identification would be able to create an account, and once verified, could start trading bitcoin in an instant. Visit

  • Fund Your Purchase in Naira

Choose your preferred payment method such as bank transfer or directly between users, such as inter-bank peer-to-peer and person-to-merchant transactions within and outside Nigeria. This way, you can initiate a buy or sell order within minutes, and close the transaction before you know it. 

  • Sell or Buy Bitcoin Anytime, Anywhere

Shift.Market allows traders to buy or sell 24/7 on the website. Buy or sell orders are accepted within ten minutes, anytime of the day, with millions of traders available on the platform, looking to buy or sell bitcoin.

Start buying and Selling Bitcoin in Nigeria today! Visit