Bantu Blockchain Foundation: An Impact-Focused Blockchain Network Infrastructure

Bantu Blockchain Foundation: An Impact-Focused Blockchain Network Infrastructure

LAGOS, NIGERIA. December 14th, 2020 – The Bantu Blockchain Foundation,  a non-profit is set to unveil the Bantu Blockchain, a decentralized infrastructure on Wednesday, 16 December, at 10am WAT at the Capital Club, located on 6 Elsie Femi Pearse,Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

The Bantu blockchain combines speed, security, reliability and includes human elements of

fairness and sharing to empower participants on the network while lowering the entry barriers

for participation. Bantu is set to become a conduit for positive socio-economic impact in the

emerging economies around the world.

“Bantu is rewriting the history of Africa today. We can’t undo our past, we can barely write it. But we can define our future.” – Abubakar Suleiman – CEO, Sterling Bank

“Africans building for Africa is a powerful narrative that embodies everything that the Bantu team is about.  The new digital African economy is inevitable, and the Bantu community will be at the forefront of leading the sea of change.  Open-source distributed networks in the hands of the right people can be a powerful force.  The Bantu blockchain is maintained by the very people that know what is needed to connect the African economy into the global markets.  At the center of any ecosystem is a heartbeat, the hearts and souls of some great African leaders went into bringing Bantu to the African people.  #bantu4ever” – David Shin – Head of APAC, Tezos Foundation. 

Blockchain technology is one of the most important inventions of our time and represents the next phase in the evolution of computing. The Bantu Blockchain is an impact-focused blockchain infrastructure that unifies the secure issuance, transfer, trading, settlement, clearing and custody of digital assets in all their manifestations and mutations in real time. This unlocks the capital trapped in illiquid assets and the informal sector, especially in emerging markets. Our mission at the Bantu Blockchain Foundation is to empower humanity across all industry sectors, both public and private using blockchain and other fourth industrial revolution technologies. The Bantu Blockchain is going live, from day one, with a user-friendly wallet, network tools and resources accessible to everyone. – Ernest Mbenkum – Founder & CEO, Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF).

About the Launch Event

The Bantu Launch event will be taking place on Wednesday, 16 December, at 10am WAT. Join the Bantu team and its distinguished thought leaders and advisors cultivated from the mainstream Tech and Finance space as they unveil Bantu, the Blockchain infrastructure that empowers humanity.

Featured thought leaders include: 

John Tani Obaro – CEO, SystemSpecs Limited

Abubakar Suleiman – CEO, Sterling Bank

Akeem Lawal – Divisional CEO, Interswitch Group

Mike Ogbalu III – CEO, Verve International

Ernest Mbenkum- Founder & CEO, Bantu Blockchain Foundation 

Secure a seat quickly using this link:  The event will also be live streamed to a global audience. There will be a few special surprises for online participants to be announced during the event.

About Bantu

Not just another blockchain. Bantu is a truly distributed network infrastructure, a decentralized governance model for wealth creation and economic sovereignty for humanity. An easy to adopt technology stack for developers, businesses, organizations and other network participants. The Bantu Blockchain Network makes it possible to instantly and securely transfer, swap, and trade digital assets globally and at extremely low cost. 

As an ecosystem, apps and network tools have been built and deployed in readiness for launch. BantuPay is Bantu’s flagship solution built on the Bantu Blockchain Network Infrastructure.

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