Casino lovers are given the platform to exercise their proficiency in numerous casino games on the Irokobet site. Here, bettors can try out their ability in casino games and see how much of an expert they are in the game. This in turn earns bettors winnings as a result. Some of the Live casino games you will find on Irokobet live casino games include Ezugi, live blackjack, live Baccarat, three card poker, Caribbean stud poker, Dragon tiger, and Texas. This article will give brief information on each of these live casino games.


This casino game is hosted by real-time people who are expert dealers in the game. Stakes and bets can be placed from the comfort of the player’s homes or any place of choice, while all the action is streamed as it happens. This provides bettors with convenience and comfort to play casino games without losing the interactive and exciting feature real-time casino players enjoy.

Live Roulette

This is another important casino game which starts with bettors placing bets on particular numbers which the ball will end on the spinning wheel. A ball is thrown into the spinning roulette wheel and bets can still be made. Once the ball starts rolling on the roulette wheel, the dealer then announces “No more bets” to stop bettors from placing further bets. The ball will the land and stop on a particular number. Bettors who chose the right number will be rewarded according to the odds such number possess.

Live Blackjack

This is another Casino game bettors can play online against a real time expert dealer from their own comfort. In this game, bettors basically have to either draw a hand value that is greater than that of the dealer, draw an exact hand value of 21 on first two cards when the dealer cannot, or ensure the dealer draws a hand value that exceeds 21; in order to earn winnings.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most exciting games on Irokobet. It is intriguing and full of suspense; a feature that keeps bettors on edge during the game. In this game, there are only three possible results which makes it simple to understand for beginners. The three results are Player win, Banker win or a tie. Bettors can then easily place their bets on either of the banker or the player to earn winnings.

Three card Poker

The three card poker is another easy casino game to play on Irokobet. In this game, all three car poker tables provide 2 methods of playing the game, either the Pair plus or the Ante-play. In the pair plus option, bettors are required to place wagers in the circular pair plus space. In ante bet, however, bettors are required to place bets in the triangular ante space. After bets are placed, expert dealer then deals every player three cards upside down. Once the dealer is done dealing, each bettor can reveal their cards and find out their fate.

Caribbean Stud

In this live casino game, professional dealer will deal out a total of 5 faced down cards to all players available at the table with an initial bet. A 5 card hand is dealt to bettors who can only see the contents. Bettors will be required to flip one card to face up. Immediately this is done, bettors can view their respective 5 card hand and make a decision to either place an extra bet or fold.

Dragon Tiger

In this casino game, a couple of cards are dealt to each player. One car dB to the Dragon betting position on the table and, the other to the tiger betting position. The betting position which has the biggest card wins. Bettors place bets on either the Tiger side, Dragon side, or a tie.

Texas Hold ‘em

In this casino game, each player is dealt twocovered cards which other players cannot see. The dealer then moves to spread 5 cards, three at a time and the other two at different times. Bettors are then required to place bets prior and subsequent to revelation of respective cards. The bettor with the best poker hand wins the game.

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