Freight Forwarding in Nigeria

Freight Forwarding in Nigeria – Why Operators Should Embrace Technology

Over the years, technology has evolved to dictate and indeed improve the way business is done, even in Nigeria. In order for businesses to avoid becoming extinct or at the very least – keep ahead of the competition, the time has come for them to consider leveraging technology and innovation. The business of freight forwarding is Nigeria is not left out in this. 

While some clearing and forwarding companies in Nigeria have begun to realize the importance of the internet by having website and attending to prospects online, most are yet to embrace it.  One of the clearing and forwarding companies in Nigeria that has been leveraging internet space is Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics Ltd, an indigenous Clearing and Forwarding Company, with years of experience in the terrain.  This company is highly recommended for any clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria.

It’s no news that there exists a myriad of problems in the logistics space in Nigeria and the use of technology can go a long to create more value and enhance operation.

Technology Trends for Freight Forwarding in Nigeria

Cloud Solutions

The cloud technology serves to optimize functionality and establish the strong network with the industry. It helps to minimize the chaos that result from the numerous disordered processes occurring within the logisticschain daily. It provides a virtual community housing all authorized business partners and users and allowing access to real-time data or information for efficient and effective execution and operation.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is no doubt one of the major concerns of businesses operating in the online space.  A lot of industries are investing a lot financially and otherwise in this regard, just to prevent theft of business or client information by third parties which could jeopardize the overall operation of the business. The freight forwarding industry is not let out.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The idea of the internet of things technology is expanding connectivity from humans to things. For the freight industry, this technology, with the help of certain tools connects traders to their merchandize, thereby allowing for optimum visibility and control. With these technology and tools, the industry can ensure more transparency in terms of transportation practices, accuracy of data, better maintenance and shipment conditions, and improved security.

Machine Learning

This is one latest technology that comes with a competitive edge. Machine learning works on the premise of an algorithm built to receive input data and then predict an output using statistical analysis. For the logistics and freight industry, machine learning comes in handy in accelerating and optimizing decision making. It helps to improve the accuracy of forecasting, incoming orders, predictability, and general performance.


As much as blockchain technology is much-hyped, it is also often misunderstood. Other than the popular crypto currency, one area this technology benefits is the freight forwarding in Nigeria. Blockchain is basically a mechanism for record-keeping, thus making business safe and easy. It does this by providing end-to-end visibility and increasing transparency on the various supply chain stages.

Bottom Line

The process of freight forwarding can be a complex process and embracing technology goes a long way to simplify the process and operation. Gone are the days of reliance on paper, faxes and phone calls. The importance of technology to freight forwarding in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, as a number of reports have attested beyond reasonable doubt to the vital role it plays in the freight forwarding supply chain.


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