Bulk Email Service Providers in Nigeria

B2B Bulk Email Service Provider in Nigeria

AdHang is a proven leader in B2B email marketing in Nigeria with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing services in Nigeria. AdHang being the top email service provider in Nigeria has a good email open rate. AdHang has worked with everyone from small businesses hoping to become big names to big companies looking for a fresh approach to consumer outreach in Africa.  

AdHang’s bulk email marketing team understands the power of communication and look forward to introducing you to a whole new set of clients in Nigeria. Also whether for B2B or B2C email marketing service in Nigeria AdHang has the solutions.

The companies that have used AdHang’s marketing services in Nigeria include, but not limited to the following:

  • Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd
  • Zone Petroleum Limited
  • ShedamHost
  • ScreamingO
  • Smartbite Electric Heating Equipment Company Limited
  • Xplore universe
  • Obymart
  • Dream Cosmetics
  • NextVitamins
  • Moneyvarsity
  • EdgeBreakers
  • Atlasitalia Nigeria LTD
  • Hudibia
  • Mabwe, LLC
  • Deeper Christian Life Ministry

What it means to choose AdHang as your B2B email service provider in Nigeria

When you hire AdHang for bulk email services in Nigeria, this means a smart decision to pursue a new email marketing campaign in Nigeria that can achieve the company’s email marketing objective. Therefore the agency wants to make sure your expectations are met and you are satisfied with the end result by selecting the best email lists for your business and ensuring that the bulk email is sent in a manner that will resonate with the prospects.

Bulk email marketing cost in Nigeria

  • N2 per email.  50, 000 emails x2 = N100, 000 ($259)
  • AdHang will send from its email corporate database
  • After sending the bulk email, we will provide the screenshot report that includes all the processes, including email delivery

Requirements to get started

  1. Payment for number of emails to be sent.
  2. Your email content as you want it (subject, message, and picture if you want).
  3. Sender name and  from email address

The email campaign will take three working days to be completed.

Why choose AdHang as your email service provider?

  • 10+ years of experience in bulk email services in Nigeria
  • Bulk emails enter inbox
  • Transparent email marketing campaign
  • Leader among email service providers in Nigeria
  • B2B email campaign experts to work on your email marketing in Nigeria
  • Good customer care

You can read more about AdHang’s email marketing service here.


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