Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle, an Educative Game about Nigerian Culture, History, and Politics

Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle, an Educative Game about Nigerian Culture, History, and Politics

Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle is a newly-launched game on the Playstore about Nigerian Culture, History, and Politics. It is fun and suitable for all ages.

There are indeed so many games to download on Google Playstore. Those games may be fun, but not all of them are educative and recommended even for kids. But it looks like Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle is different from others. The game is designed to educate and learn users to study more particularly about Nigeria, including its culture, history, and politics.

How to play the jigsaw game? There are some steps of the Nigerian game to play. On the screen, some panels are available to pick up and place in the right locations. For users with good knowledge of Nigerian geography, it must be easier. For each panel that has been placed well, 10 points are gained. The users also have an opportunity to buy coins by following some terms and conditions required. They also need to finish the game on time based on the duration placed on the leaderboard.

Despite the main game, there is a quiz as a bonus game. Random questions appear, and users need to answer them correctly. The other 10 points are gained in this session. On the other hand, if the users cannot answer them correctly, they have options to use some coins or watch a movie.

When users install and play the game app in Nigeria, they will find three levels of the game. Those levels are easy, medium, and hard. On the easy level, the map has state boundary lines shown on the map, and the user must find the state in the panel. On the medium level, the map doesn’t have the state boundary lines, but panels still have state names. Lastly, on the hard level, there are no boundary lines and state names.

It is very easy to get the game. For Android users, they only need to visit Google PlayStore of Apple’s App Store and type Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle on the search bar. Next, Nigeria game download is ready to install and play.

About Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle is an educative game on Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store designed by Femi Akin. It lets users have fun while learning more about Nigerian culture, history, and politics. Get the game on


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