As you already know, technology is taking over everything today with warp-speed.

Probably the fastest revolution in human history

Maybe a little too fast for some of us to keep up with

Well, as you all know, technology will reduce the need for human hands on deck

And the clearing and forwarding industry isn’t left out

For those of you who don’t know about this industry, it is simply a link between the owners of the means of transport and the owners of goods

Like a middleman-management kind of scenario

They simply ensureyour goods make it through “customs” at the seaport or airport and right to the destination of your choice

Sounds simple right?

No need for fancy techy stuff…. right?


Tech is here to stay fam and there’s nothing you can do about it

But why all the fuss though?

Don’t you like the fact that when you order from AliExpress, you get to track your goods, know when it arrives…

And at what point to start panicking if you don’t receive them (lol)

That’s tech for you my friend; simple GPS TRACKING

Cool feature bah?

So generally, tech may reduce the company workforce but hey, more jobs for the IT guys?

It’s not just that…

The arrival of technology has its downsides

The current economic situation of the country has made a lot of people turn to scams

And the “un-woke” ones fall for these scams

The popular ones are fake Clearing and forwarding agents with fake sites who could make away with your money

But there’s a way around it

let’s say you’re looking for the best agency when it comes to clearing and forwarding in Nigeria, Vagmon e-Grup and Logistics Ltd is the plug

Here’s the link to their site

The key to avoiding website scams is knowing the correct website for a company

Duplicate and fakes websites usually come with misspelled letters or a free hosting website on the URL like .wix, .homestead or .hubspot

So if you see any of that sort…run!

You also can always Google the correct website before you make any form of transactions

As far as the hacking of company accounts is concerned, a good company like the one listed above is equipped with the latest security software not your typical free antivirus

This helps prevent cyber-attacks and can also detect and warn clients of fake websites

So you see, most tech problems are resolved by tech itself

I’ve not even talked about how storage and logistics have been improved thereby;

  • increasing efficiency
  • reduced the need for you to go down to the seaport or airport before you can hire an agent

All these are the benefits that come with incorporating technology into the Clearing and forwarding industry

So once again, if you’re looking for a good company to help manage your cargo in the best way possible click on the link above and enjoy the services of Vagmon e-Grup and Logistics Ltd



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