How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria?

How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

Your Guide to investment with a passive strategy

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work till the day you die” this is a popular saying by one of the richest men the world has ever known, Warren Buffet. A lot has been taught about passive income, and how one can use the model to create wealth for generations to come. This has been seen in different fields of life. But to wrap this all up, the major word right here is “invest”

With the advent of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, and blockchain technology, what is the first thing you hear the word financial investment? Bitcoin. Many have been made wealthy, and a lot more have not had a fair share of the profits so far. This article will pinpoint ways to invest in Bit-coin in Nigeria. If you are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you might find it daunting when you hear the word, Bit-coin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is simply a kind of money that is virtual. It could also be referred to as a digital currency.

Today, a lot of people have huge amounts of money as digital currency – allowing them to transact everything cashless. Though in Nigeria, most people can’t seem to understand the razzle-dazzle in the system, it is extremely rewarding. To start trading your bitcoin in Nigeria with other traders who want to either buy or sell bitcoin in Nigeria you need a platform called SHIFT, visit to signup, learn more and understand how the platform works. There is also another platform called BITBAAZI, visit

A look into how to invest in Bit-coin in Nigeria would be further explained with clarification so you can start your journey and get into that space of making passive income for years to come. Investing is good, investing is wonderful, but adequate knowledge has to be gained in order not to lose your money.

How to invest in BTC in Nigeria

How to begin investing in Bit-coin in Nigeria

Investing in Bit-coin in Nigeria is quite easy. All that is needed is to pay full attention to details and the systems involved. Follow this sequence and you’ll become a Bit-coin investor in less than 20mins using

  • Create an account
  • Open up your browser and go to and signup via the form.
  • Fill in correct details with information you can easily remember. Once you are done, submit and verify your email via the link that would be sent to you.
  • Click on verify your identity.
  • Deposit some amount of Naira in your wallet

When you have activated your account, it is time to deposit some money into your wallet. What you do is to click on wallets in the web menu and click on deposit. You can select the naira you want from the menu, and chose the method you want to use to make the deposit.

  • Buying Bitcoin

So after you must have created an account, and have verified the account – the next step is to get the account funded. When this is done, you click the buy besides the coin which you want to purchase, confirm all details, and click buy. Once all these are done, you have successfully bought a cryptocurrency as an investment in Nigeria. A lot more could be learned at your spare time @ your fast and efficient way to trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria.