Play Online Lotto in Nigeria

Play Lotto Online in Nigeria

The lottery provides an easy way for citizens of Nigeria to earn a large chunk of money. You can trace lotteries in Africa back to the Egyptians. And as time went on, lotteries have evolved to suit the needs of the players.

Nigeria legalized lotteries in 2005 which is rather late because many countries were already enjoying the benefits of a regulated lottery system. Nigeria then formed the NLRC (National Lottery Regulatory Commission) to oversee and regulate the operations of all lotteries in the country.

Since its legalization, the lottery has gained popularity in Nigeria with many companies and brands springing up to compete for the customers playing the lottery. Before I show you the most reliable company you should use to play lotto online in Nigeria, let me first show you the benefits of playing the lottery online in Nigeria.

Benefits of playing the lottery Online in Nigeria

It’s Convenient

Playing your lottery game online in Nigeria may be the most simple and easy way to earn money online in Nigeria, as you may stay in your bedroom and play it all the time with a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop. You would not have to meet an agent to help you play when you don’t have the time.

Fast Payout

When you win, irrespective of the Nigerian lottery brand or company you choose, they will pay your winnings in less than 24 hours. Failure to do so will attract fines from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. Therefore, as long as they are in business, you should never fear late payout.

See Your Results Online

Instead of running around looking for where to verify the outcome of your plays, lottery companies in Nigeria have made it easier for Nigerians to find your result online. All you have to do is enter the company’s website to check your results.

A Chance to Win Massive Cash

You play the online lotto in Nigeria because you want to win some money. Playing the lotto in Nigeria provides you and every other Nigerian a chance to change their fortune permanently. All you have to do is find a reputable Nigerian lottery company, log into their website and start playing for the opportunity to change your life.

It’s Fun

Playing online lotto in Nigeria is fun. Even if you end up not winning, you will have a great time. The anticipation and tension that come with checking if you won the lottery are different from any other feeling. The chance to think that for a moment your life could change forever is unspeakable. Share that feeling with your friends and family by playing the online lotto in Nigeria.


There are many benefits of playing the online lotto in Nigeria. The only downside is that if you play with a less than reputable company, you will be in danger of losing your winnings. But we will make the search easier for you to get started.

The best Nigerian company to play the online lotto is iAuctionX. So far in Nigeria, iAuctionX is the best lotto company and due to their strict policies, you are rest assured that your bets are safe and when you win, you get your money immediately.

One more thing, iAuctionX allows Nigerians to play small bets and win huge prizes from hundreds of thousands in cash prizes to winning cars worth over two million Naira.

Therefore, if you want to play lotto online in Nigeria, use iAuctionX because they are the best in Nigeria.  Visit