Free lottery in Nigeria

Free lottery in Nigeria

The words “free” and “lottery” appear almost synonymous and cut from the same cloth and rightly so.

Also considering that there should be no price on luck, the opportunity to take a chance on winning the lottery by playing for it or bidding for an auction should be free.

However, not all lotteries in Nigeria share this simple honest ideology. Some lotteries on offer despite offering a mouthwatering jackpot aren’t actually free in every sense of the word.

Which free lotteries are available in Nigeria?

With so many lottery options available in Nigeria, winning the lottery has never been easier.

The logic seems compelling too; “the lottery isn’t going to win itself, so I should be playing to win”, right?

 Sadly, you may not be able to afford to play most available lotteries in Nigeria and here is why:

Although various lotteries are available with fantastic potential for jackpot success, this availability doesn’t translate into affordability. Most lotteries in Nigeria are not actually “free” per se.

Some lotteries in Nigeria offer the chance to win millions of Naira, some create auctions where a lucky bidder might win cash or other prizes and still others give you a chance of winning really expensive items at an unreasonably cheap fraction of the price. However, the only Gordian knot tying these lotteries together is the hidden costs attached to their offering, sometimes disguised as the following:

  • Pre-registration
  • Screening fees
  • Prize redemption fees
  • Tax annuities etc.

What is a “free” lottery?

As the name implies, a free lottery is one that is free to play and has no hidden charges. A big emphasis is placed on “hidden” because some lotteries have T&Cs that are deliberately prepared to go unnoticed by the trustingpunter but are designed for the sole purposeof chipping greedily into any windfall a lucky punter makes.

 With so many of such expensive lotteries on the offing in Nigeria, the real question is:

How can you identify a lottery that is free?

To do that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is registration for the lottery free?
  • Are there any charges for entering jackpot numbers?
  • Is the term and condition page ambiguous or deliberately hard to understand?
  • How hard is it to redeem winnings?
  • What are the reviews previous winners have made on the lottery?

The above questions have helped many lucky punters to see that although a lot of lotteries are available in Nigeria, only very few can actually be described as a free online lottery. A good example is iAuctionX.


Unlike regular auction sites where winning is the exclusive privy of only one highest bidder out of thousands or just one lucky pundit out of millions, iAuctionX gives everyone who joins the auction with as little as 360 Naira an equal chance to win. Naturally those who play multiple times on the same auction will achieve an even greater chance of winning the auction.

Why is iAuctionX described as a free online lottery?

This is because among the throngs of lotteries available in Nigeria, iAuctionX sets itself apart as being truly free as it has no hidden charges and also it is conveniently online. You can access the lottery and available auctions at iAuctionX from the comfort of your mobile device. You do not have to leave your house. It’s fast and it’s free.

The terms and conditions are easy and simple to understand. No additional fees are charged to redeem prizes and cash.

Previous winners are posted on social media and their testimonies of iAuctionX have been glowing.

How can I play a free online lottery in Nigeria?

Very easy now isn’t it?

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Register for free at
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Through the secured platform
  • Participate in any lottery option
  • Play your numbers
  • Win the lottery and conciliatory prizes.