How To Create a Logo for Your Digital Blog

Perfecting your Online Identity

You might be having a hard time figuring out good reasons why you need a logo for your blog – but can’t seem to come up with something tangible. The perfect answer to your guess is simply to create a brand identity and differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you have a unique logo for your blog, you will develop a good and loyal community and build up trust from people. You might not take having a logo for your blog if you do not take blogging seriously.

But, if you take your blog seriously, more like a business, then you should create a unique blog for yourself – because it represents your brand and your identity as a person. And if you are interested in creating a brand, then having a logo is the first step to take in creating that brand image. You would be learning how to create a logo for your blog in this article which will help you with information and knowledge on how to go about getting your logo done to increase your viewership, trust and increase your online engagement.

What is a good logo for your blog?

A good logo is a logo that is very easy to read and remains memorable to people. People should be able to see your logo and be able to identify that – this is the business they are looking at because of your logo.

How to Create a Blog Logo

There are some ways to create a logo for your blog that will be imprinted in the minds of people when they see it. Blog owners that have been able to execute this have experienced tremendous page following and viewership across the internet. The following are ways to create a unique logo for your blog.

  • Have your Audience in Mind
  • Chose a good color palette
  • Chose the right font
  • Create different versions
  • Work with your favorite tool

Have your audience in mind

This is very important in the design process – as you must have the audience you want to relate to within your mind. How your audience perceives your logo will determine the extent to which they have your blog imprinted in their hearts. So, if your blog is in lifestyle, fashion, travel, or finance blog, your logo must be effective enough to represent what you stand for.

Chose a good color palette

Another thing when it comes to creating and designing a logo is the color you use. Your color should be consistent with what you have going on and complementary to the color of your blog. If you don’t have one yet, you can always choose one from your color theme depending on the template you want to work with. But whichever color you chose, it should contain a certain set of emotions that suits your type of personality and something that can also transmit what you stand for to your audience.

Chose the right font

The type of font you use will determine a lot how your audience will be able to remember your blog immediately. So, choose the right font size when creating a logo for your blog and don’t work with one that is too heavy or too light. Find ways to balance up things.

Create different versions

How do you tell which logo is the best for your blog? One way to do this is to create various versions which could be of great help when making surveys to determine which is best for you. Creating different versions will also open your mind to different ideas which could be useful for your blog.

Work with your favorite tool

Now, there is no more time to wait! Get on your favorite tool and create the logo you have wanted to create. There are different tools you can use to create a logo ranging from Photoshop, adobe illustrator, PicMonkey, Canva. These are effective tools that can be of great help to your blog.

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