Best Country to Invest in as a Nigerian and Why

This is not a cliche, and it can’t stop being true – there’s no better way to build long-term wealth than investment.

But while ‘investment’ is important in itself, where you invest also matters. In fact, it’s what determines whether your investment would make any difference in your financial status or not.

If it’s just to dump money anywhere, that’s easy, but what about the safety of your money, currency devaluation, and other factors that could crash the value of your investment in one sweep? Sure, you don’t want that.

And, interestingly, being a profitable investment destination doesn’t have to do with the size of the country, or the popularity, or any other yardstick most people would use. For example, you could invest in the US, and get swamped in the taxes before you even get any value from your money. It’s the same with most supposed ‘global business centres.’

So, where can you invest?

If you’re a Nigerian, and looking for the right country to invest in – the one that won’t have you sleep with one eye open every night, you want to consider the Isle of Man.

Not many countries could earn the title of “a secure harbour for global investors,” but that’s the only right way to describe this thriving European island, thanks to its viability, or call it friendliness, for investment – whether you’re a citizen, a non-citizen resident, or none of these.

Stable, Prestigious

The European Union can get disorganised as much as it wants, and the UK can choose to formulate economic policies that suit them – neither one has any impact on the economy of the Isle of Man. It’s independent of these coalitions, and that allows the country to maintain optimum stability in policy making, and virtually every part of their economy.

It also has an excellent risk rating – Moody’s Aa3, which means stable outlook. That’s what any investor would want – not some fluctuations here and there that cripple businesses.

Your Investment, Your Privacy

The Isle of Man has laws that regulate how financial services companies share your data, ensuring that your privacy is protected at any rate.

If there’s nothing related to crime or money-laundering, you don’t get anyone snooping into your accounts, or any other information you intend to keep private.

Insolvency and Your Money

Companies get insolvent all the time, and in many other countries, that could mean a collapse of your investment portfolio. That isn’t the case at the Isle of Man, as there are a number of safeguards in place to protect your money, in case anything happens.

Special Treatment for Entrepreneurs

The Isle of Man also has a special attention on entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a business, or join one in the country.

There’s a special immigration plan that even gives you residency permit just by starting a business there, and that, without the inexplicable hassle that such schemes in other countries. Say entrepreneurs and investors are the kings of the Isle of Man, and you’d be so right.

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