7 Important things you should know about Clearing and Forwarding In Nigeria

7 Important things you should know about Clearing and Forwarding In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, several importers have found themselves struggling to have their goods released by custom officers and government agencies. Many of them jumped into this Clearing and Forwarding business without acquiring adequate knowledge about the whole process.

Some were unfortunate to fall into the hands of fraudsters and fake agents who claimed to have acquired enough experience in this line of business. In Nigeria today, importers are meant to carry out thorough research and acquire a great amount of knowledge about stages of clearing and forwarding to have their cargo in peace.

It is all right if they are willing to run the whole process on their own but to ease your affairs and have your cargo delivered at your doorstep without panic and frustration, you will need a reliable logistic clearing and forwarding agent. I will tell you about the most reliable one in this article. But before then,

Here are 7 important things to know about Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria.

  1. Mandatory Documents: From the start of the importation till you finally touch your cargo, you will have to undergo a detailed inspection to confirm your ownership in all aspects. You will provide some necessary documents right from the pre-importation stage till you are finally handed your goods. In Nigeria today, Many Importers find it hectic to access these documents because it takes time, effort, and money. This is why you need an agent who has been in the game for long to run these documents from start till the end on your behalf.
  •   Fake Agents & Imposters: As there are several genuine agents with wide experience in this profession, don’t be surprised if you come across fraudsters in this clearing and forwarding field. You need to be extremely careful as many packaged fake agents will approach you with unreal services to fall you into their trap. An example of a must document they should have is Nigeria’s custom license.
  • Clearing and Forwarding Procedure: every standard field and organization has procedures they follow. In clearing and forwarding, every stage is essential as far as getting your cargo is concerned. To avoid problems along the line, do not skip any procedures. If these procedures are unknown to you, seek an agent. The most reliable of them is Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd.
  • Government Agencies: You will pass through several units to have your goods inspected. When you are clear, your next step is getting signatures and stamps from Government agencies. Examples of them are NAFDAC, NDLEA, SSS. Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is available to ease this stage for you, this will save you time, money and increase your sense of authority.
  • Relationship with Custom Officers and Units: If you have been in this profession for a long time, you wouldn’t have a problem in these activities. If you are familiar with the process and you have been a regular importer, you will be handed some credits. This is why you need an agent who will easily have your goods verified and clear because dues have been paid by gaining custom’s trust. Not many importers are aware of the importance of agents in clearing and forwarding in Nigeria. These importers are always at the core front enjoying easy accessibility because their trust has been gained.
  • Member of Custom Licensed Clearing Agents group: to be sure your agents are legit, just find out if they belong to the association of clearing and forwarding group. If not, flag them off or report them as soon as possible.
  • Standard personnel in clearing and forwarding: A standard Agency will have personnel in all units and aspects. This is something you should be aware of. Some Agencies claim to work efficiently but lack adequate manpower, how are they meant to fasten their services to satisfy you if they don’t possess enough workers? Agents vary with different styles of operations and I can assure you Vagmon e-Group Logistics Ltd is the best clearing and forwarding agent at the moment. They have capable and result-driven workers in every unit. Therefore, there is never a delay in their services.
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