5 Internet Publicity Tips for Nigeria

5 Internet Publicity Tips for Nigeria

How to create internet publicity is one common challenge entities face in Nigeria.  In this article, I will look into five tips on how internet publicity can be generated in Nigeria.   

But before the 5 tips, let’s know who need internet publicity and why? 

  • Internet publicity is needed in Nigeria by companies to publicize their products and services
  • Internet publicity is needed in Nigeria by event organizers to let the potential events’ participants know about an upcoming event
  • Nigerian Government agencies need internet publicity to enlighten public on any given issue in Nigeria
  • Public figures like politicians and musicians need internet publicity in Nigeria to attract supporters and fans
  • Churches and schools need internet publicity to engage their Nigeria’s target audience and generate needed awareness for their programs and admissions

The list can go on and on.

Now how can internet publicity be generated in Nigeria? Listed below are the 5 internet publicity tips for Nigeria.

Online Press release: write press release about the subject matter (product, service, event, campaign, etc) and publish the news media in hundreds of news sites and platforms online targeted at Nigeria.  If you don’t have the time to circulate your PR, hire AdHang, the agency will professionally publish your press release in over 500 sites on the internet. AdHang will save you time and have your press actively published everywhere.

Internet presentation:  you can create slide presentation that tells the target audience about the subject matter and publish the slide in tens of online file sharing sites. Of course the presentation will contain all the features, benefits and things you want the Nigeria’s public to know, then push it all over the internet to generate the needed publicity.

Report:  write a report and share it across forums, social networking sites, and blogs Nigerians visit. Report writing and publication is one of great ways to get huge internet publicity for a long run, it is commonly used for products and services.  One of advantages of report is that it will rank well in search engines in Nigeria as people search the products and services the report will pop out for read or download.

Case study: create a case study about the thing you want to generate publicity on. Case study will help to exemplify the subject matter and educate the Nigerian target audience.  Case study is not for a product/service alone, it can be used by government agencies to warn citizens against danger, it can be used by politicians to demonstrate what he/she has done and will do and so on.

Image/photo: get pictures/images and graphics that exemplify the issue or subject matter and circulate them in hundreds of internet places to generate publicity in Nigeria. Note that this can be put together as an info graph, and then push it to millions of Nigerians for download and viewing. Of course images must not be standalone, they can be included in other methods of internet publicity above.

This is the 5 internet publicity tips for Nigeria. You can use all and more, and can pay for sponsored ads for them.


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