How to Promote Business Online in Nigeria

How to Promote Business Online in Nigeria

These guides on how to promote business online in Nigeria are meant to teach different ways you can promote your business online in Nigeria.  Are you trying to increase the visibility of your business, products or services in Nigeria?  This blog post is for you; study and start applying the guides and methods listed below to begin promoting your business online across states in Nigeria.

Business promotion in Nigeria first thing first

First thing on how to promote business online in Nigeria is asking important questions: what are my objectives and goals? You should have clear objectives you want to achieve with your online business promotion in Nigeria. Your business’s promotion objective can be to increase sales, create awareness, or establish your business as an authority in the industry you operate. The goal can be to increase number of sales within 3 months by 10% or rate of enquiries by 200% within 4 months, or traffics to your shop/website by 15%, etc.

Online media planning

You can’t talk about how to promote business online in Nigeria without talking about online media planning. You will need to carry out online media planning, this will include SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis, establishment of online media objectives, media strategy development, selection of type of component of digital marketing to use(Search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc), business  promotion budget, etc.  If you don’t know how to carry out an online media planning, you have to hire an agency such as AdHang to do it for you.  Once you get this right any other business promotion work will be easier.  Then, this will lead to proper usage of combination of digital marketing tools below.


Write appealing and attractive headlines for your promotion. This headlines or ads copies will be used in different ways such online banners, news release subject, fanpage, etc. 


Online banner is one good way on how to promote business online in Nigeria (most especially for awareness). You will need to design good looking and professional banners in sizes. These banners will incorporate the headlines you wrote above, images that exemplified end results, your business logo, and colors. There are many online platforms in Nigeria where you can pay and place your banners. Example, (for general promotion), (for health related products and services), this blog, etc.


If after situation analysis social networking is among the platforms to be used, you will need to design international standard fanpage that will represent your company and products. This can equally serve as a landing page for all the promotion if your business doesn’t have a website of its own. There are professional fangage designers, AdHang is the leader, and you can hire the agency to help you design good fanpages for your brand.


Write an article about your business, this will be shared internet online forums, blogs, news portals, etc.


Video is an important aspect on how to promote business online in Nigeria. Make a video of your business, products, and how you render your services. This video can be shared in tens of video websites out there. Not just popular video sites, circulate the video to many places you can find, again you can hire an online advertising agency in Nigeriato help you do this very easy and fast.

Online news media

Create an online press release about your business in Nigeria and circulate the PR all over the internet. This is a great way on how to promote business online in Nigeria and get lasting results for your internet promotion.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is one of great methods on how to promote business online in Nigeria. There’re things that go into viral marketing. Good news is that AdHang has important details that can help your business to go viral, click here for the full detail.

How to advertise your business online in Nigeria


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